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Coming Feb 10th, 2023! Blues Master Chris Cain at the Murphys Irish Pub

Chris Cain has been a fixture in Memphis blues for decades, playing with some of the most renowned musicians in the genre and performing all over the world. His style is heavily influenced by his mentors, including B.B. King and Albert King, and he often brings his own unique interpretations of classic songs to life on stage. Not only is he an incredible musician, but he also serves as an ambassador for Memphis blues music worldwide.

Chris Cain is an artist of tremendous talent and an unparalleled musical legacy. He was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1959 and has been performing professionally since he was a teenager. His early career began with his apprenticeship under blues legend B.B. King and Albert King. Chris went on to tour with greats such as Johnny Winter, Joe Cocker and Ray Charles.

In recent years, Chris has become a sought-after session musician and has lent his talents to a wide variety of projects including albums by rock legends Eric Clapton and ZZ Top as well as the popular television show The Voice. He also performed on the Grammy-nominated album My World Is Gone by JJ Grey & Mofro in 2020 (allmusic).

Within the blues music world, Chris’s name is synonymous with excellence and virtuosity. His skillful guitar playing can be heard within all types of blues music styles: Delta Blues, Chicago Blues, Rockabilly, R&B and more! Chris combines elements of each style to create something truly unique every time he plays.

Beyond his playing skill set, Chris is highly respected for his authentic knowledge of Memphis blues culture and history. Drawing from decades of experience living in Memphis itself, Chris’ live performances often feature rare stories about life on Beale Street or anecdotes about other historic figures within the genre such as Elmore James or Howlin’ Wolf (Discogs).

One of Chris' signature moves while performing live is improvisation - often taking classic songs from the past and giving them new life with solos that showcase his technical skills alongside gut-wrenching emotionality. He also often features original compositions within his performances; many of which have been featured on solo albums like Unscheduled Flight (1997) or Out of The Shadows (2004) (AllMusic).

For over forty years now, Chris Cain has been a beacon for fans all over the world who love traditional Memphis Blues music; bringing both new life to old songs as well as introducing listeners to timeless gems from days gone by. If you have never seen him perform live before then you won't want to miss this special performance at Murphys Irish Pub coming up this February!

What You Can Expect at the Show

When attending a show by Chris Cain & His Band, you can expect a memorable experience that celebrates both classic and modern blues music. From powerful guitar solos to soulful singing and passionate rhythms, every song tells its own story that will leave you wanting more when it's over. The band always puts on an energetic performance that honors the past while embracing modern sounds as well - no two shows are ever alike!

It's also worth noting that tickets for this event are extremely affordable - just $25 per person (that's only $12.50 per set!) - so don't wait too long before buying your tickets as space is limited!

If you're looking for a night of unforgettable entertainment with great music and good vibes, then don't miss out on seeing Memphis Blues Guitar Master Chris Cain at Murphys Irish pub on February 10th 2023! Get in the mood with this video of his March 6th, 2022 appearance at the pub. There's no excuse not to come out and enjoy some of the best blues around. Tickets are available now - get yours before they sell out!

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