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Introducing Murphys Irish Pub at

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

We are excited to have begun our audio archival process. Our first upload is a live performance by Clyde the Blynd featuring Anthony Delaney, Graham Richards, Ben Ball, and Kyle Mueller. is an online digital library that puts thousands of books, films, music, and other media into the public domain for anyone to access. It is a useful resource for Murphys Irish Pub because it allows us to easily store and manage our extensive music library in one convenient place. With, we can quickly search, find, and download any of our music files as needed. Additionally, we can be sure that the library is always up-to-date since it automatically updates with new releases and additions to the collection. This makes an essential tool for us in managing our music library efficiently and effectively.

Recording audio is a much less resource-intensive process than syncing music to video, and though our youtube channel is a first-choice for our live music library, will house countless live recordings of your favorite bands performing at the Murphys Irish Pub. also provides an easy and secure method for hosting our live music library, with copyright protection options available for creators who want to protect their original works. This ensures that we can provide a safe environment for our patrons to enjoy the music they like without worrying about infringement or legal issues.

Enjoy this special performance and stay tuned as we bring you the best of our vast music library!

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